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Call Us Today: (949) 366-2107

empower your children for life!

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"How can I help my children improve their CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM? How can I prepare them to handle bullies? How can I train them to become ATTENTIVE LISTENERS? How can I guide them to improve their SELF-DISCIPLINE? How can I make them become more RESPECTFUL towards others?"

As parents, these questions often keep us up at night.

Parenting is an immensely challenging responsibility. Balancing our children's happiness with the nurturing of essential life skills is no easy feat.

In today's digital age, many parents find it increasingly challenging to be the primary positive influence in our children's lives. The pervasive nature of the internet, coupled with smartphones and social media platforms, means our children are constantly bombarded with an array of stimuli and perspectives.

While the web offers unparalleled access to information and knowledge, it also exposes young minds to potentially misleading or harmful content.

Additionally, as our kids grow, their friends and peers at school become dominant figures in their social circles, often shaping their values, beliefs, and behaviors. Balancing these external influences with parental guidance can feel like a tightrope walk, as we strive to keep the lines of communication open, foster trust, and instill lasting values amidst a cacophony of digital distractions and peer pressures.

But at Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we've got your back! We're all about bringing out the absolute BEST in your kids and empowering them with tools to handle whatever life throws at them

I am thrilled to share with you how our Kids Martial Arts Program at Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy can significantly boost your child's confidence, strengthen their character, and prepare them to overcome life's challenges. With over 30 years of experience in empowering children like yours, we are committed to delivering remarkable results that go beyond traditional sports and education.

At our academy, we are not just a self-defense martial arts school; we are a tight-knit family dedicated to shaping your child's future and equipping them with essential tools for success.

Our program focuses on instilling values such as focus, discipline, and respect right from the start. As your child progresses, we introduce Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that not only enhance their physical abilities but also make them feel safe, empowered, and capable of standing up for themselves.

What our happy parents are saying about us

"I have seen multiple changes in their confidence with their peers and adults by not shying away. Believe it or not, my girls have learned to be courageous and brave, standing up for themselves in school with bullies. Staying calm in stress and flustering situations."


"I’ve seen both my boys flourish and grow in confidence. Asher came out of his shell and became a confident boy. His ability to follow through was used to better serve him and he learned how to become a calculated risk taker. Noah has learned to become committed to something and follow instructions while respecting authority."


"My so is much more confident, especially with training new things. He gets very anxious in new settings and when plans change unexpectedly. BJJ has been very helpful with these situations."


Confidence is the cornerstone of a better future, and that's precisely what our program aims to cultivate. When children possess confidence, their self-esteem flourishes. This, in turn, positively impacts how they treat others and perceive themselves. In today's world, where many children spend their valuable hours engaged in unproductive activities or surrounded by negative influences, we offer a different path.

Here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider enrolling your child in our #1 kid's empowerment program in San Clemente:

  • ​Our program helps your child improve their social abilities and break out of their shell.
  • ​Real-life, proven self-defense skills are imparted, empowering your child with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves if necessary.
  • ​Through martial arts, your child will gain a better understanding of their body, improving their motor skills.
  • ​We facilitate discussions on healthy eating habits, instilling a foundation for lifelong well-being.
  • ​Enhanced focus attained through our program translates into better grades at school.
  • ​Your child will learn effective strategies to handle bullies confidently.
  • ​They will acquire skills to deal with strangers and navigate dangerous situations safely.
  • ​Our program inspires your child to become a productive member of society, fostering motivation and responsibility.
  • ​Leadership skills are cultivated, preparing your child for future endeavors.
  • ​By participating in our program, your child will build character, developing key qualities that define success.
  • ​Improved speech clarity and increased confidence in communication.
  • ​Your child will learn to maximize their potential, realizing their capabilities extend beyond their perceived limits.
  • ​Through regular workout routines, your child will enhance their physical strength and overall fitness.
  • ​Teachers and parents alike will be impressed by the positive behavioral changes your child exhibits.
  • ​Our program promotes active listening skills and fosters respect towards others.
  • ​Increased physical fitness results in a healthier appearance and boosts overall confidence.
  • ​Your child will develop the ability to say no to negative peer pressure and make wise choices regarding drugs and harmful influences.
  • ​We teach your child the importance of setting goals and provide them with the tools to work towards achieving them.
  • ​Your child will develop good moral values such as integrity, respect, patience, generosity, courtesy, honesty, and kindness.​
  • ​Successful habits are cultivated, shaping your child's mindset towards lifelong achievement.
  • ​Improved memory retention allows your child to absorb and apply what they learn in school effectively.
  • ​Your child will have an incredible amount of fun during our classes, eagerly looking forward to each session.
  • ​Valuable life skills acquired through our program will benefit your child for a lifetime.
  • ​Taking responsibility for their actions becomes second nature to your child, instilling accountability.
  • ​Emotional control and regulation are emphasized, empowering your child to navigate challenging emotions.
  • ​Our experienced instructors, with over 30 years of working with children and teaching martial arts, provide the best guidance and mentorship.
  • ​Conflict resolution skills are taught, equipping your child with effective strategies for positive social interactions.
  • ​Controlled breathing techniques are taught, fostering calmness, focus, and resilience.
  • ​By facing and overcoming adversity, your child will develop resilience and strength.
  • ​And much more!!

Why am I extending this Irresistible Offer? Because I believe that you and your family have the right to try any martial art program before committing your valuable time and resources. I am confident in the transformative power of our Kids Empowerment Program, and I am certain that once you give us a fair chance, you will be delighted with the results.

Now, imagine experiencing all these incredible benefits with a 30-day free trial and no strings attached. Yes, you read that correctly!

At Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, we offer you the opportunity to immerse your child in our program, absolutely free of charge. As part of our Irresistible Offer, we will also provide a free Jiu-Jitsu uniform (kimono) and two private lessons!!!

.To seize this amazing offer, call us today at (949) 366-2107 and ask to speak with Esteban. He will assist you in scheduling your child's first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu free private lesson. In the event that Esteban is unavailable, please leave a message with our front desk, and he will promptly return your call.

Don't let this incredible opportunity pass you by. Give your child the gift of confidence, character, and lifelong success.


Sensei Paulo Guillobel
Founder of Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy


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If after 30 days you think our program is not for you, we will give all of your money back, no questions asked.

- Paulo Guillobel

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